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 2022 Summer Buckle Series Standings

A PDF of placings for shows this year and previous years is available on the results page, CLICK HERE

These are unofficial final results pending review.


DivRider NameHorse NameApr PointsMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsSep PointsTotal PointsTop 5 Total
NoviceSarah KennedyFab You Lass101402424
NoviceIsabella GilbertPatrick10801818
NoviceCourtney HightNaughty Investment12001212
NoviceChris HightBenz Investments80088
NoviceGrace LandwehrPak N Heat6066
NoviceTorrie GrosjeanDealing with Fire06000066
NoviceKelly TurnerLeia30033
≤ 13Evelyn ArnoldEyesa Rockstar151801611157575
≤ 13Kate TalleyPearly Girlie12016170105555
≤ 13Anna TalleyA Storms A Brewin110170002828
≤ 13Grace WalkerMile High Mischeif6121818
≤ 13Nora McMahanBoomer16000001616
≤ 13Charlotte MintoFrenchie101010
≤ 13Jessica EllisJumping Cloud Nine0101010
≤ 13Cayla O'BrienMillion Dollar Man666
≤ 13Hannah SheehanMabel60000066
≤ 13Zyra KapurHoney666
14-18Allison ZulkoskiSolo14181818171610187
14-18Haley KennaRex9151500175656
14-18Anika RiersonPippin16000001616
14-18Nadia MikesellRockabye Baby1601616
14-18Ava LovelandIndeed15000001515
19-39Cassidy EspositoNoble Rein18001815136464
19-39Sarah KennedyFab You Lass181818
19-39Courtney HightNaughty Investment141414
19-39Nathanael HunterPintura Nariz50055
≥ 40Andrea RowanFancy Fittin Jeans141501617167878
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity121401515147070
≥ 40Heather KennaAli12151800156060
≥ 40Rebecca AmatGhost16101514005555
≥ 40Kate TestermanUltimate Enticement "Quincy"999
≥ 40Kelly TabertInvitation Accepted0005055
OpenAllison ZulkoskiSolo1318181513169380
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood17001817176969
OpenAnika RiersonPippin15000001515
OpenGrace WalkerMile High Mischeif571212
OpenNadia MikesellRockabye Baby9099
OpenJessica EllisJumping Cloud Nine0777
OpenKelly TabertInvitation Accepted0006066
OpenIsabella GilbertChai T6066
OpenKate TalleyPearly Girlie00000444
OpenNathanael HunterPintura Nariz40044
OpenCayla O'BrienMillion Dollar Man333
OpenIsabella GilbertPatrick30033


DivRider NameHorse NameApr PointsMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsSep PointsTotal PointsTop 5 Total
NoviceAshlyn RowanFancy Fittin Jeans6504532323
NoviceKelly TurnerLeia00040044
≤ 13Evelyn ArnoldEyesa Rockstar3606652626
≤ 13Anna TalleyA Storms A Brewin40500099
≤ 13Kate TalleyPearly Girlie50400099
≤ 13Bryce KennaJet00600288
≤ 13Olivia LandwehrPak N Heat00053088
≤ 13Taylor SimpsonMisty00000666
≤ 13Grace LandwehrWinnie00032055
≤ 13Avery ZanderGeorge00004044
≤ 13Charlotte MintoFrenchie00000444
≤ 13Nora McMahanBoomer20000022
14-18Allison ZulkoskiSolo5666663530
14-18Haley KennaRex4450051818
14-18Anika RiersonPippin60000066
14-18Zoe WeiskeLil Smokin Jones05000055
19-39Cassidy EspositoNoble Rein6006652323
19-39Angel ReeseWally00000666
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity5606452626
≥ 40Andrea RowanFancy Fittin Jeans6305562525
≥ 40Heather KennaAli4560041919
≥ 40Robin BrewerPrinceton0453331818
≥ 40Kelly TabertInvitation Accepted00006066
OpenAllison ZulkoskiSolo5664553127
OpenRobin BrewerPrinceton0555342222
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood6006462222
OpenKelly TabertInvitation Accepted00006066
OpenAnika RiersonPippin40000044
OpenZoe WeiskeLil Smokin Jones04000044
OpenSharyn EspositoNoble Rein30000033


DivRider NameHorse NameApr PointsMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsSep PointsTotal PointsTop 5 Total
NoviceKambrie DaySky115116804141
NoviceBreanna ManningKoe6600001212
NoviceSarah KennedyFab You Lass10001010
NoviceChris HightBenz Investments80088
NoviceCourtney HightNaughty Investment80088
NoviceBreanna ManningCB Starway60066
NoviceGrace LandwehrPak N Heat5055
NoviceKatie JonesKick the Dust Up5055
NoviceTorrie GrosjeanDealing with Fire50000055
≤ 13Bryce KennaJet17170165050
≤ 13Kambryn SampleFoster16160134545
≤ 13Charlotte MintoFrenchie131313
≤ 13Taylor SimpsonMisty121212
≤ 13Emily CampbellRoxy6000066
14-18Allison ZulkoskiKacie718141514168477
14-18Haley KennaRex111415180177575
14-18Kalyssa DayRoper13960002828
14-18Anika RiersonPippin18000001818
14-18Jessie RamseyDucky160001616
14-18Kalyssa DayRemi1501515
14-18Nina FaulknerHarmony12001212
14-18Ruby LawrenceQB Killer1201212
14-18Ava LovelandDancer70000077
14-18Zoe WeiskePercy50000055
14-18Kalyssa DaySheza Tuf Fling444
19-39Cassidy EspositoNoble Rein15001818176868
19-39Georgia StrimenosHesjanaroll181800003636
19-39Sarah KennedyFab You Lass131313
19-39Courtney HightNaughty Investment121212
19-39Chris HightBenz Investments777
19-39Julia ChapmanSH Zeenormous666
19-39Angel ReeseWally333
≥ 40Andrea RowanFancy Fittin Jeans15180816157272
≥ 40Heather KennaAli14917100156565
≥ 40Robin BrewerPrinceton15141511606161
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity8130910155555
≥ 40Rebecca AmatSassie26132002323
≥ 40Cyndi MeredithChics Red Cat17001717
≥ 40Jennifer WalkerDixie15001515
≥ 40Deb MosesSonny Dee Pine11201313
≥ 40Maria HendricksonPhoenix110001111
≥ 40Cyndi MeredithZoe9099
≥ 40Sunny YorumWyatt999
≥ 40Michelle WoodsStyles00000666
≥ 40Heidi KnabTessa40000044
≥ 40Mary MarglinAce21000033
≥ 40Robin BrewerAddy30000033
≥ 65Pam WilliamsJewel6660602424
≥ 65Lisa CheneyRainy50000055
OpenRobin BrewerPrinceton71618151707373
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood14001615186363
OpenGeorgia StrimenosHesjanaroll151700003232
OpenAnika RiersonPippin13000001313
OpenCyndi MeredithZoe8088
OpenKalyssa DayRoper08000088
OpenRuby LawrenceQB Killer8088
OpenCyndi MeredithChics Red Cat60066
OpenRobin BrewerAddy50000055
OpenZoe WeiskePercy40000044
OpenEmily CampbellRoxy3000033

Trail / Ranch Riding

DivRider NameHorse NameApr PointsMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsSep PointsTotal PointsTop 5 Total
NoviceBreanna ManningCB Starway12001212
NoviceBreanna ManningKoe5600001111
NoviceKambrie DaySky06000066
NoviceSarah KennedyFab You Lass50055
NoviceCourtney HightNaughty Investment40044
NoviceChris HightBenz Investments30033
NoviceMichele AllynGreat Playboy Pine20022
NoviceDave ClemensTinkers Red Hot Ruby10011
≤ 13Bryce KennaJet11110123434
≤ 13Kambryn SampleFoster1111083030
≤ 13Grace WalkerMile High Mischeif111100022
≤ 13Taylor SimpsonMisty00508813
≤ 13Abby PuchirJewelz1200012
≤ 13Koralyn DaySky1200000012
≤ 13Grace LandwehrWinnie11000011
≤ 13Charlotte MintoFrenchie208810
≤ 13Nate KoshakChai T90009
≤ 13Charlotte MintoChloe30447
≤ 13Avery ZanderGeorge06000006
≤ 13Emily CampbellRoxy6000066
≤ 13Hannah SheehanMabel60000066
≤ 13Jessica EllisJumping Cloud Nine60000006
≤ 13Olivia LandwehrPak N Heat50000005
≤ 13Zyra KapurHoney500005
≤ 13Cayla O'BrienMillion Dollar Man40004
14-18Haley KennaRex91212120125757
14-18Anika RiersonPippin12000001212
14-18Nina FaulknerHarmony90099
14-18Isabella GilbertChai T6066
14-18Ava LovelandDancer50000055
14-18Brenna AhlAspen0050055
14-18Jessie RamseyDucky500055
14-18Kalyssa DayRemi5055
19-39Cassidy EspositoNoble Rein1100125113939
19-39Georgia StrimenosHesjanaroll6600001212
19-39Julia ChapmanSH Zeenormous111111
19-39Angel ReeseWally444
19-39Chris HightBenz Investments444
19-39Courtney HightNaughty Investment333
19-39Sarah KennedyFab You Lass222
≥ 40Andrea RowanFancy Fittin Jeans1010068114545
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity88076114040
≥ 40Robin BrewerPrinceton68561144036
≥ 40Heather KennaAli48124073535
≥ 40Cyndi MeredithZoe1100121101134
≥ 40Sunny YorumWyatt90012102233
≥ 40Kate TestermanUltimate Enticement "Quincy"4812400028
≥ 40Jennifer WalkerDixie880900925
≥ 40Jennifer WalkerBoondocs Cowboy10100000020
≥ 40Kelly TabertInvitation Accepted850000513
≥ 40Deb MosesSonny Dee Pine660000012
≥ 40Kristi HobenFrenchie111112
≥ 40Mary MarglinAce8400001212
≥ 40Cyndi MeredithChics Red Cat90099
≥ 40Pam ClemensChics Blazen Gun40000004
≥ 40Robin BrewerAddy40000044
≥ 40Heidi KnabTessa10000011
≥ 65Pam WilliamsJewel11121201204747
≥ 65Lisa CheneyRainy11000001111
≥ 65Sandra ClaytonEmma Eliza50000005
OpenRobin BrewerPrinceton512124844541
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood9001210104141
OpenCyndi MeredithZoe1201212
OpenAnika RiersonPippin10000001010
OpenJulia ChapmanSH Zeenormous101010
OpenGeorgia StrimenosHesjanaroll35000088
OpenAlyssa MonkPlaying with the Mob666
OpenRobin BrewerAddy50000055
OpenBrenna AhlAspen0050055
OpenSharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity40000044
OpenCyndi MeredithChics Red Cat30033
OpenKristi HobenFrenchie333
OpenMary MarglinAce20000022

65& Over

DivRider NameHorse NameApr PointsMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsSep PointsTotal PointsTop 5 Total
≥ 65Pam WilliamsJewel17181801807171
≥ 65Lisa CheneyRainy16000001616

 2022 Summer Buckle Series Standings

A PDF of the times for shows this year and previous years is available on the results page, CLICK HERE


Year to Date Standings (Preliminary, still to be verified)

DivisionRider NameHorse NameApr PointsMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsSep PointsTotal PointsTop 5 Shows Points
LeadlineKenzie WellsGhost66051717
LeadlineNatalie ThomasBiscuit666
LeadlineScarlett WhymanTucker666
LeadlineEaston ShepardBiscuit555
LeadlineMakenzie NelsonDollar555
LeadlineAva HenryGrace444
LeadlineEverette BartonBubbles0333
ModifiedKinnley DayBlue1816171612179684
ModifiedHayley NelsonCody1517161716169782
ModifiedMason AmatGhost12128104242
ModifiedChance WellsSummer9772323
ModifiedHarlee RayceShadow8482020
ModifiedAma Grace ChapmanRumor121212
ModifiedTrinity KnoblesHammy121212
ModifiedTrinity KnoblesPopper888
ModifiedBradlie PowersZoe666
ModifiedKannon PowersZoe333
≤ 10Genevieve BartonBubbles182418181224114102
≤ 10Koralyn DayBlue1218233018101101
≤ 10Jillie ArmstongZoe25255050
≤ 10Addison GirdnerSpirit1327904949
≤ 10Charlotte MintoGideon/Frenchie1412133939
≤ 10Becca HansonLadybug16122828
≤ 10Cardyn HolbrookGoober14712222
≤ 10Gracelyn EngleCody212121
≤ 10Hannah HansonGunner1341717
≤ 10Charlotte MintoChloe161616
≤ 10Noah AmatGhost1031313
≤ 10Koralyn DayRemi121212
≤ 10Norah ParsonsEstis101010
≤ 10Cardyn HolbrookGrace0555
≤ 10Joelle ChapmanMaverick111
11 - 14Danielle DavisLuna182422291629138122
11 - 14Samantha CampbellJaxon17151517241510388
11 - 14Kambrie DayBlue1317151016138474
11 - 14Haidyn RyanPayday1214131213147866
11 - 14Bryce KennaJet11111416116363
11 - 14Danielle DavisMerlot141217165959
11 - 14Chloe CarlsonMaggie334531818
11 - 14Alexa GeninRoxy34441515
11 - 14Eilli HenryDaisy10401414
11 - 14Liberty IngramSedona841212
11 - 14Elli HenryGrace7041111
11 - 14Taylor LatimerKing666
11 - 14Summer WalkerBaby555
11 - 14Elli HenryGoober0444
11 - 14Liberty IngramHammy444
11 - 14Sarah HansonAsh0333
11 - 14Brekin HenwoodMulan222
11 - 14Evelyn Nielsen-MayerJunebug222
11 - 14McKenzie CabayBuddy20022
11 - 14Jenna RemingtonPretty Girl Tilly111
11 - 14Keaton AmatSummer0111
11 - 14Keira BellWinston111
11 - 14Savannah SchneiderCholoe111
11 - 14Summer WalkerGinger111
15 - 18Kalyssa DayBella231621242522131115
15 - 18Felicity LuceroCholo242592827113113
15 - 18Kalyssa DayRoper191526121725114102
15 - 18Haley KennaRex82011236262
15 - 18Felicity LuceroTC31258144242
15 - 18Seth WellsSummer31582626
15 - 18Alyssa HughesCholo1081818
15 - 18Elizabeth NorrisDixie181818
15 - 18Katie FisherNimbus181818
15 - 18Harley LaurichSpirit2121414
15 - 18Felicity LuceroSonita Bonita581313
15 - 18Kalyssa DayKoda999
15 - 18Emily DealTJ666
15 - 18Riley HieberTess333
19 - 34Kennedi SmithTsunami3030212721129129
19 - 34Bluesinda SpiveyBelle14213535
19 - 34Sierra TaylorTelluride292929
19 - 34Ally BultmanCandy282828
19 - 34Amanda NelsonDenim1492323
19 - 34Mariah NiemanMini232323
19 - 34Amanda CicaleseChief202020
19 - 34Caitlyn DempseyLily181818
19 - 34Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood181818
19 - 34Kristen NelsonSkip991818
≥ 35JoDean BrewerBeau2024192612101101
≥ 35JoDean BrewerPaint Mare17122420269999
≥ 35Rebecca AmatPugsley1722910202210091
≥ 35Heather KennaAli20192212138686
≥ 35Angela LuceroCodigo49187135151
≥ 35Renate NiemanCinnamon8912984646
≥ 35Scott KennaMia518174040
≥ 35Dustin WellsGhost77193333
≥ 35Rebecca AmatZahara5382873331
≥ 35Renate NiemanBaby161616
≥ 35Kristi HobernChloe101010
≥ 35Kristi HobernFrenchie555
≥ 35Kristi HobernGideon2355
JackpotDanielle DavisLuna182218271527127112
JackpotRenate NiemanDusk1621202519101101
JackpotFelicity LuceroCholo1122215232110398
JackpotKalyssa DayRoper20132199189081
JackpotRebecca AmatPugsley141271013136962
JackpotChloe CarlsonMaggie111563232
JackpotJoDean BrewerPaint Mare141414
JackpotMakenna HandyRain131313
JackpotAddison GirdnerSpirit111111
JackpotKennedi SmithTsunami4601010
JackpotJoDean BrewerBeau888
JackpotJosie FordTango555
JackpotCharlotte MintoGideon/Frenchie444
JackpotHailey CoverLila444
JackpotCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood222
JackpotDustin WellsGhost111