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 2020 Summer Buckle Series Standings

Please note that the standings below do not indicate final placings for year-end awards. Final determination of champion, reserve and honorable mention awards will be based on a final audit of results and review of all requirements for awards by the respective show chair.


DivRider NameHorse NameJun PointsRain PointsJul PointsAug PointsSept PointsEnglish Sum
≤ 13Haley KennaJet171312141672
≤ 13Allison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start16141518063
≤ 13Reese McMillanJoe B Boom171612045
≤ 13Anika RiersonPippin11101738
≤ 13Charlotte MintoGideon1212
≤ 13CayDee ClausenDanny Boy1000010
≤ 13Kate TalleyPearly Girlie400004
14-18Kylie WillstatterJosie1201011033
14-18Alex KrebsHighrize RZR180018
14-18Madeleine DamainiStar of Amar1818
14-18Olivia MendozaFury12012
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood81614161872
19-39Heather KennaAli61615131565
19-39Ann GibsonSkye1801316047
19-39Rebecca Amat y LeonGhost91270028
19-39Sara OstrandShe's on a Roll X111000021
19-39Tammy BiggiKhosmic Kash7060013
19-39Kim GarrettPresley4260012
≥ 40Pamela DeKalbBrusky10151101248
≥ 40Becca GasperCorona71800025
≥ 40Erin SearleCCR Just About Me18000018
≥ 40Bonnie WojincrowskiCharlie1616
≥ 40Kristy TaylorFury120012
≥ 40Renee AndersonHollywood Frost n Shine12000012
≥ 40Pamela GarlHi Risk11000011
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood151416161879
OpenAnn GibsonSkye1201215039
OpenGrace DaneSkip Bar Luck6120018
OpenLeah MoyerMark Me Tardy Too1700017
OpenSara OstrandShe's on a Roll X61100017
OpenErin SearleCCR Just About Me13000013
OpenLaurel HanlonNeon Sensation7005012
OpenJackie KetsdeverTake it All808
OpenBonnie WojincrowskiCharlie55
OpenAlex KrebsHighrize RZR5005
OpenCayDee ClausenDanny Boy30003
OpenAnna DeWittOllie200002
OpenKim GarrettPresley200002


DivRider NameHorse NameJun PointsRain PointsJul PointsAug PointsSept PointsEnglish Sum
≤ 13Haley KennaJet171717101374
≤ 13CayDee ClausenDanny Boy910131648
≤ 13Allison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start1611613046
≤ 13Anika RiersonPippin2141632
≤ 13Reese McMillanJoe B Boom1166023
≤ 13Bryce KennaPhoenix9009
≤ 13Evelyn Dow-PetersonJewel070007
≤ 13Max WittChief7007
≤ 13Addison RodgersAbbis Drummer Impuls50005
≤ 13Sofia FossCooper505
≤ 13Kambrie DayBlue3003
14-18Parker GasperMahota Belle171800035
14-18Piper SnyderBlue915024
14-18Madeleine DamainiStar of Amar1818
14-18Samantha WittRingo18018
14-18Ashley CollittDixie16000016
14-18Ava Dow-PetersonTuff01500015
14-18Jaimee BennettLuna150015
14-18Bonnie WannBoot Scooter1414
14-18Colton GasperSolstice1200012
14-18Samantha WittPi120012
14-18Kalyssa DaySky110011
14-18Shelby ChenowethNash99
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood131316181777
19-39Heather KennaAli6917151663
19-39Emily ClarkDuncan's Dun It141800032
19-39Sara OstrandShe's on a Roll X15500020
19-39Abigail ClarkS.P. Destined To Be61300019
19-39Madison MillerThanks for the Invite4004
19-39Rebecca Amat y LeonGhost310004
19-39Madeline RiceDocs on a Sugar Bender300003
19-39Tammy BiggiKhosmic Kash300003
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity91414141465
≥ 40Pam WilliamsJewel1011111547
≥ 40Becca GasperCorona111200023
≥ 40Kimber SherardWho Whiz Shining1508023
≥ 40Becky WittPi18018
≥ 40Cyndi MeredithChics Red Cat17000017
≥ 40Kelli AbrahamBlue1616
≥ 40Shawna RoushNora40110015
≥ 40Susan MethenyLacey100010
≥ 40Alison CollittToby900009
≥ 40Cherie PritchardWith a Little Luck600006
≥ 40Heidi KnabTessa404
≥ 40Susan GerhardtShes Lopin the Range00404
≥ 40Daryl NavarroBuster03003
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood171516161680
OpenSharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity1391181455
OpenCayDee ClausenDanny Boy0105722
OpenLeah MoyerMark Me Tardy Too1800018
OpenSara OstrandShe's on a Roll X15300018
OpenMichelle WolfIma Quixote Playboy12012
OpenKelli AbrahamBlue1010
OpenJaimee BennettLuna8008
OpenJackie KetsdeverTake it All707
OpenGrace DaneSkip Bar Luck06006
OpenLaurel HanlonNeon Sensation000606
OpenBecky WittPi505
OpenDaryl NavarroBuster20024
OpenJim LynnRemi40004
OpenCherie PritchardWith a Little Luck300003
OpenJackie KetsdeverThe Marriage Counselor3003
OpenKalyssa DaySky2002
OpenDanielle BartosTommys Rockem Sockem0202
OpenCarey ClausenEl Patron 00711


DivRider NameHorse NameJun PointsRain PointsJul PointsAug PointsSept PointsShowmenship Sum
≤ 13Allison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start6616019
≤ 13Haley KennaJet5553018
≤ 13Anika RiersonPippin45615
≤ 13CayDee ClausenDanny Boy30407
≤ 13Reese McMillanJoe B Boom06107
≤ 13Sofia FossCooper257
≤ 13Addison RodgersAbbis Drummer Impuls40004
≤ 13Kate TalleyPearly Girlie400004
≤ 13Bryce KennaPhoenix3003
≤ 13Brighton BohenkampSmokey2002
≤ 13Evelyn Dow-PetersonJewel020002
14-18Kylie WillstatterJosie5054014
14-18Parker GasperMahota Belle6500011
14-18Piper SnyderBlue65011
14-18Ava Dow-PetersonTuff060006
14-18Samantha WittRingo606
14-18Samantha WittPi4004
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood5665628
19-39Heather KennaAli3554522
19-39Andrea RowanFancy Gittin Jeans0606
19-39Madeline RiceDocs on a Sugar Bender600006
19-39Abigail ClarkS.P. Destined To Be400004
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity4656526
≥ 40Pam WilliamsJewel045413
≥ 40Shawna RoushNora5060011
≥ 40Becca GasperCorona350008
≥ 40Alison CollittToby600006
≥ 40Bonnie WojincrowskiCharlie66
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood5354623
OpenSharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity6243520
OpenGrace DaneSkip Bar Luck560011
OpenLaurel HanlonNeon Sensation4006010
OpenLeah MoyerMark Me Tardy Too60006
OpenAndrea RowanFancy Gittin Jeans0505
OpenAddison RodgersAbbis Drummer Impuls40004
OpenShawna RoystonGatsby3003

Trail / Ranch Riding

DivRider NameHorse NameJun PointsRain PointsJul PointsAug PointsSept PointsTRR Sum
≤ 13Haley KennaJet129127949
≤ 13CayDee ClausenDanny Boy91061035
≤ 13Anika RiersonPippin3111125
≤ 13Allison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start10506021
≤ 13Reese McMillanJoe B Boom6410020
≤ 13Addison RodgersAbbis Drummer Impuls50005
≤ 13Evelyn Dow-PetersonJewel050005
≤ 13Kambrie DayBlue1001
≤ 13Sofia FossCooper101
14-18Ava Dow-PetersonTuff01200012
14-18Bonnie WannBoot Scooter1212
14-18Piper SnyderBlue55010
14-18Kalyssa DaySky6006
14-18Olivia MendozaFury606
14-18Madeleine DamainiStar of Amar55
14-18Samantha WittRingo404
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood51212121253
19-39Heather KennaAli379101039
19-39Emily ClarkDuncan's Dun It121000022
19-39Abigail ClarkS.P. Destined To Be6700013
19-39Cassidy EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity800008
19-39Madison MillerThanks for the Invite5005
19-39Ann GibsonSkye300003
19-39Sara OstrandShe's on a Roll X300003
19-39Madeline RiceDocs on a Sugar Bender200002
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity1091181250
≥ 40Kimber SherardWho Whiz Shining12010022
≥ 40Cyndi MeredithChics Red Cat12000012
≥ 40Leslie GaleDelight's Starla12012
≥ 40Kelli AbrahamBlue1010
≥ 40Kristy TaylorFury6006
≥ 40Jim LynnRemi05005
≥ 40Pam WilliamsJewel50005
≥ 40Shawna RoushNora004004
≥ 40Heidi KnabTessa303
≥ 40Pamela DeKalbBrusky030003
≥ 40Susan MethenyLacey3003
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood11111091051
OpenSharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity66451031
OpenKimber SherardWho Whiz Shining706013
OpenGrace DaneSkip Bar Luck560011
OpenKelli AbrahamBlue1010
OpenCayDee ClausenDanny Boy02338
OpenReese McMillanJoe B Boom05308
OpenCassidy EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity800008
OpenMichelle WolfIma Quixote Playboy707
OpenCyndi MeredithChics Red Cat600006
OpenLeslie GaleDelight's Starla606
OpenDanielle BartosSmile at the Thought4206
OpenDanielle BartosTommys Rockem Sockem5005
OpenSara OstrandShe's on a Roll X500005
OpenLeah MoyerMark Me Tardy Too40004
OpenAddison RodgersAbbis Drummer Impuls30003
OpenKristy TaylorFury3003
OpenMadeline WagnerOzzy2002
OpenJim LynnRemi01001

September 27 Show Placings

Rider NameHorse NameRider #Div12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758
Bobbie FooteMonet251≥ 40
Anna DeWittOllie25819-39
Kate TalleyPearly Girlie259≤ 13
Heather KennaAli20319-39222222122
Haley KennaJet118≤ 1312232332
Rebecca Amat y LeonGhost79919-39
Rebecca Amat y LeonSassie25319-39
Rebecca Amat y LeonCricket71119-39
Ann GibsonSkye35719-39
Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood16119-39111111111111231311
Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity261≥ 40223422211113
Cassidy EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity24719-39
Pamela DeKalbBrusky264≥ 40111
Kylie WillstatterJosie25014-18
Evelyn Dow-PetersonJewel276≤ 13
Ava Dow-PetersonTuff27714-18
Allison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start160≤ 13
Laurel HanlonNeon Sensation25219-39
Tammy BiggiKhosmic Kash24819-39
Seth BiggiBueno25419-39
Sean BiggiSheba0≤ 13
Lily BiggiBueno0≤ 13
Shawna RoushNora≥ 40
Alison CollittToby309≥ 40
Ashley CollittDixie31014-18
Madeline RiceDocs on a Sugar Bender30819-39
Emily ClarkDuncan's Dun It25519-39
Abigail ClarkS.P. Destined To Be25619-39
Kim GarrettPresley30119-39
Nancy GarrettWoolly302≥ 40
Erin SearleCCR Just About Me138≥ 40
Becca GasperCorona303≥ 40
Parker GasperMahota Belle30414-18
Sara OstrandShe's on a Roll X30519-39
Alexandra DeWittPearl0≤ 13
Renee AndersonHollywood Frost n Shine307≥ 40
Pamela GarlHi Risk306≥ 40
Cherie PritchardWith a Little Luck213≥ 40
Keaton Amat y LeonGhost315≤ 13
Noah Amat y LeonGhost313≤ 13
Caleb PfeiferCricket312≤ 13
Caiden PfeiferCricket311≤ 13
Mason Amat y LeonGhost314≤ 13
Cyndi MeredithChics Red Cat316≥ 40
Jim LynnRemi278≥ 40
Susan GerhardtShes Lopin the Range273≥ 40
Haley KennaColletti263≤ 13
CayDee ClausenDanny Boy227≤ 13213314134
Debbie KodraDexter274≥ 40
Pam WilliamsJewel604≥ 403213
Reese McMillanJoe B Boom271≤ 13
Grace DaneSkip Bar Luck266≥ 40
Kimber SherardWho Whiz Shining400≥ 40
Leah MoyerMark Me Tardy Too26214-18
Sarah LetourneuurJackson265≥ 40
Colton GasperSolstice27014-18
Addison RodgersAbbis Drummer Impuls272≤ 13
Daryl NavarroBuster373≥ 405
Sandy ClaytonMs Poca Doc0≥ 40
Sandy ClaytonEmma Eliza0≥ 40
Pamela DeKalbJoJo280≥ 40
David DeKalbJoJo279≥ 40
Julana MillerShyloh317≤ 13
Danielle BartosTommys Rockem Sockem32519-39
Amanda MillerHollywood31819-39
Kalyssa DaySky19214-18
Kinnley DayTucker195≤ 13
Koralyn DaySky194≤ 13
Kambrie DayBlue193≤ 13
Jayden McMillenScooter295≤ 13
Angela SmartBandit293≥ 40
Bryce KennaPhoenix119≤ 13
Alex KrebsHighrize RZR28514-18
Kristy TaylorFury284≥ 40
Brighton BohenkampSmokey288≤ 13
Anika RiersonPippin357≤ 13211121221
Tiffany DayBella19119-39
Shawna RoystonDream Catcher28919-39
Shawna RoystonGatsby28719-39
Madison MillerThanks for the Invite29119-39
Piper SnyderBlue29214-18
Susan MethenyLacey294≥ 40
Jackie KetsdeverShootin up the Bar29619-39
Jackie KetsdeverThe Marriage Counselor29719-39
Madeline WagnerOzzy31919-39
Samantha WittPi29914-18
Max WittChief298≤ 13
Andrea RowanFancy Fittin Jeans32119-39
Aubrie RowanIts an Invite to You320≤ 13
Jaimee BennettLuna32314-18
Danielle BartosSmile at the Thought32619-39
Jensen LeslieHurry My Way343≤ 13
Michelle WolfIma Quixote Playboy367≥ 40
Aaron CunninghamIma Quixote Playboy340≤ 13
Belinda LitchkoDaisy338≥ 40
Bonnie GalleyMaggie33719-39
Theresa LondonMondo331≥ 40
Olivia MendozaFury33614-18
Katharine GeorgeRHR Blue Eagle328≤ 13
Jackie KetsdeverTake it All329≥ 40
Wren MusickTake it All330≤ 13
Madison MillerThe Chex is Good34219-39
Sofia FossCooper368≤ 1321
Samantha WittRingo34614-18
Becky WittPi345≥ 40
Ashlyn RowanFancy Fittin Jeans349≤ 13
Grace DaneHF Spanish Sol34714-18
Heidi KnabTessa352≥ 40
Leslie GaleDelight's Starla353≥ 40
Cassie PaulsenSunny358≤ 131
Meagan PaulsenSunny359≤ 1311
Shelby ChenowethNash37114-1832
Madeleine DamainiStar of Amar35614-181111112
Kennedie RossMidnight Moon360≤ 131
Blake DehnerMidnight Moon361≤ 1321
Riley DehnerPippin362≤ 131
McKenna KelseyHe's a Hot Mess36319-39222124212
Eryn KelseyHe's a Hot Mess0≤ 131
Charlotte MintoGideon364≤ 1313333
Bonnie WojincrowskiCharlie365≥ 4022121
Chloe RickerIma Quixote Playboy366≤ 131
Grace ElbertDuece370≤ 131321
Bonnie WannBoot Scooter36914-18323211
Carey ClausenEl Patron 0077≥ 4056
Kelli AbrahamBlue372≥ 401123122222

 2020 Summer Buckle Series Times & Standings

Please note that the standings below do not indicate final placings for year-end awards. Final determination of champion, reserve and honorable mention awards will be based on a final audit of results and review of all requirements for awards by the respective show chair.

Year to Date Standings

DivisionRider NameHorse NameJun PointsJul PointsRain PointsAug PointsSept PointsTotal Points
LeadlineKinnley DayTucker1266529
LeadlineLily BigiSheba524314
LeadlineMyles TaylorGloria525012
LeadlineSean BigiSheba603110
LeadlineAva HenryGrace0549
LeadlineDarius TaylorGloria01067
LeadlineMason AmatGhost606
LeadlineCardyn HolbrookZoey44
LeadlineEryn MannStormy44
LeadlineHarper DobsonGloria44
LeadlineAdah AndersonMissy33
LeadlineLiam StonehamGoldie33
LeadlineHayden ThompsonDrift22
LeadlineMila CobianBanner11
ModifiedKeaton AmatCricket151615171679
ModifiedCaiden PfeiferCricket18121861771
ModifiedKoralyn DaySky9817
ModifiedNoah AmatGhost8715
ModifiedKoralyn DayTucker4711
ModifiedNorah ParsonsGoldie1111
ModifiedCardyn HolbrookTucker1010
ModifiedEryn MannStormy99
ModifiedZane JacksonTucker099
ModifiedSkyelar SpinuzziZoe77
ModifiedRowan Mackey(blank)66
ModifiedAdelyn LeiterZoe55
ModifiedCardyn HolbrookZoe44
ModifiedMaren TaylorTucker44
ModifiedBistol MaxwellRoyal33
ModifiedCharlotte Mackey(blank)33
ModifiedEliza LeiterZoe33
ModifiedHayden ThompsonBuzy33
ModifiedHarley RhodesZoe11
ModifiedSage DeneenTucker11
≤ 10Chloe CarlsonGoldie242751
≤ 10Kambrie DayBlue9891844
≤ 10Nora McMahanBoomer9122344
≤ 10Addison GirdnerRosie16121543
≤ 10Sloan ThompsonDrift122133
≤ 10Ellianna HenryGrace1041731
≤ 10Sloan ThompsonBuzy2222
≤ 10Charlotte MintoGideon511420
≤ 10Liberty IngramGoldie81119
≤ 10Page FinkRoyal61218
≤ 10Evelyn NielsenmayerThunder1616
≤ 10Zoey FinkRoyal11415
≤ 10Sophia LinhartRoyal01313
≤ 10Kaya CobianKit Kat1111
≤ 10Chloe CarlsonMulan99
≤ 10Maya MedranoLady Blue4059
≤ 10Taylor WilliamsThunder55
≤ 10Norah ParsonsGoldie033
≤ 10Jillienne ArmstrongZoe202
≤ 10Chloe CarlsonMisfit11
≤ 10Hailey DiggsRoyal11
11 - 14Haley KennaJet2324251921112
11 - 14Felicity LuceroVinny Pepperoni1920232127110
11 - 14Jayden SullivanOlympic1826212016101
11 - 14Samantha CampbellPunk1912212476
11 - 14Eliana HummellGoldie109726
11 - 14Evelyn Dow-PetersonJewel111122
11 - 14Kalyssa DayBella1101820
11 - 14Bryce KennaPhoenix5231516
11 - 14Kylie AndersonMissy7411
11 - 14Desiree PhillipsMidnight Mayhem99
11 - 14Gina ElliotEmber88
11 - 14Jessie YarmerAnomolie44
11 - 14Alexa GeninMulan33
11 - 14Jayden McMillenScooter33
11 - 14Alexa GeninZoe22
11 - 14Mia WynneAthena11
15 - 18Lorraine DinwiddleGloria2530162727125
15 - 18Caitlyn DempsyLily2118172278
15 - 18Kaylee FrancisHarmony197141555
15 - 18Elsa WeissLuna112031
15 - 18Ava Dow-PetersonTuff2020
15 - 18Anna BajajZapora1919
15 - 18Cassidy LinhartKit14418
15 - 18Ava Dow-PetersonMr. Doc Silverspoon1515
15 - 18Hailee BankheadLila1313
15 - 18Samantha SchuttlerSmoke1111
15 - 18Anna BajajAnomalie55
19 - 34Shannon McInisMaserati2425303025134
19 - 34Kailee MillerScarlett1626202020102
19 - 34Nicole KnutsonJohnny Cash2224232695
19 - 34McKenna KelseyShadow13821
19 - 34Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood1919
19 - 34Shannon McInisLatte1717
19 - 34Kate KouryTex1616
19 - 34Kate KouryGloria1414
19 - 34Mariah NiemanHold the Crown1414
19 - 34Zoe MoraitisCortez Kid Amin1414
19 - 34Mariah NiemanAstraya1313
19 - 34Eden HallSparky1111
19 - 34Shannon McInisPlayboys Golden Jackpot73111
19 - 34Erin HasselgraveLexi33
19 - 34Kacee ButterfeldShadow22
19 - 34Makayla BJackie22
19 - 34Sean StonehamCoppertop22
≥ 35Renate NiemanDusk2415262124110
≥ 35Scott KennaMia171717182392
≥ 35Julianne RenshawOlympic161118191983
≥ 35JoDean BrewerDollar181114181879
≥ 35Rebecca AmatGhost161317161173
≥ 35Justi NicolSophie2323
≥ 35Deborah StonehamGoldie1212
≥ 35Rebecca AmatZaraha046010
≥ 35Rebecca GasperFast As A Breeze1010
≥ 35Seth BigiBueno225110
≥ 35Heather KennaAli000358
≥ 35Tammy BigiKhosmo01337
≥ 35Tiffany DayBella01056
≥ 35Rebecca AmatCricket22
OpenJoDean BrewerBeau2830282827141
OpenAlly BultmanCandy2120221881
OpenRenate NiemanValentine13211392076
OpenDeborah StonehamGoldie232548
OpenMargo McInnisLexi2323
OpenFelicity LuceroColletti Spaghetti2222
OpenJacklyn WhiteTreble641718
OpenJacklyn WhiteSaphire1515
OpenMariah NiemanWillow1515
OpenDeborah StonehamMisfit1212
OpenMcKenna KelseyStormy1010
OpenMariah NiemanDusk44

September 19, 2020 show Times

Rider NameHorse NamePolesKeyholeFlagsBarrelsWild Card
Darius TaylorGloria13.007
Eryn MannStormy14.837
Kinnley DayTucker14.586
Myles TaylorGloria
Adah AndersonMissy22.091
Caiden PfeiferCricket20.2829.29520.815
Keaton AmatCricket25.28510.14520.566
Koralyn DaySkyDQ27.75443.858
Bistol MaxwellRoyalDQ57.259
Charlotte MintoGideon49.78315.02625.92327.033
Kambrie DayBlue46.66212.79510.94537.12963.689
Nora McMahanBoomer41.55610.7819.35625.377DQ
Page FinkRoyal44.44215.29910.1733.048
Sophia LinhartRoyal43.34713.910.03178.683
Zoey FinkRoyal39.69113.00112.24343.751
Hailey DiggsRoyal51.47518.42812.72791.191
Bryce KennaPhoenix35.8679.77410.54227.25624.846
Felicity LuceroVinny Pepperoni25.737.1066.718.4318.649
Haley KennaJet25.4377.6076.85618.23324.057
Jayden SullivanOlympic26.6938.0196.87519.04622.242
Kalyssa DayBella38.888.6617.691DQ20.276
Kylie AndersonMissy39.06111.817.20419.958
Samantha CampbellPunk27.1727.5686.82216.79919.969
Caitlyn DempsyLily27.6227.9246.99619.536
Cassidy LinhartKitDQ11.1379.517DQ
Elsa WeissLuna29.00410.2217.19219.68930.782
Kaylee FrancisHarmonyDQ9.7347.37120.3321.497
Lorraine DinwiddleGloria26.3798.537.21219.31519.73
Kailee MillerScarlett25.2277.0286.6117.185DQ
McKenna KelseyShadowDQ10.5917.481DQ23.397
Nicole KnutsonJohnny Cash24.7197.8856.59616.88718.937
Shannon McInisMaserati25.2357.3846.5817.43816.215
Erin HasselgraveLexi7.92919.136
Mariah NiemanHold the Crown29.74812.3587.26120.22623.248
Makayla BJackie51.30311.478
Kacee ButterfeldShadow7.5328.374
Heather KennaAli39.2710.8198.81225.95119.747
JoDean BrewerDollar33.0837.8216.92720.66219.528
Julianne RenshawOlympic30.0019.4257.0317.86126.83
Rebecca AmatGhost31.561DQ7.52320.38636.55
Rebecca AmatZaraha44.98213.12611.85532.548DQ
Renate NiemanDusk32.9217.0376.66417.84820.348
Scott KennaMia27.7937.5567.53320.31218.051
Tiffany DayBella35.9769.8468.78524.31454.121
Jacklyn WhiteTreble10.1228.789
JoDean BrewerBeau30.0366.6156.72917.66524.336
Renate NiemanValentine53.90513.8889.43728.97619.045
Felicity LuceroColletti Spaghetti39.8248.7966.71916.63DQ
Mariah NiemanWillow53.16623.28611.11929.42851.012