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 2021 Summer Buckle Series Standings

Please note that the standings below do not indicate final placings for year-end awards. Final determination of champion, reserve and honorable mention awards will be based on a final audit of results and review of all requirements for awards by the respective show chair.



DivRider NameHorse NameMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsTotal Points
≤ 13Charlotte MintoGideon12171645
≤ 13Anna TalleyA Storm's a Bruin011161643
≤ 13Kate TalleyPearlie Girlie6771333
≤ 13Caitlin ClineCooper1700017
≤ 13Meagan PaulsenSunny140014
≤ 13Nora McMahenBoomer0120012
≤ 13Emily CampbellPebbles404
14-18Reese McMillanJoe B. Boom1717161767
14-18Alison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start1214171659
14-18Haley KennaRex10130023
14-18Victoria HeydmanShylo01010020
14-18Caoimhe BennGrace1500015
14-18Ellie KillhamGideon11011
19-39Anna BajajRosey's Destiny1813151258
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood16171851
19-39Rebecca AmatGhost16131544
≥ 40Heather KennaAli181618052
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity15121845
≥ 40Vickie HeydmanMajesty Mark912021
≥ 40Lisa CheneyFire081018
≥ 40Trephina BennJamill1500015
≥ 40Kelli AbrahamIma Redford Angel140014
≥ 40Belinda LitchkoDaisy606
OpenAlison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start1312111349
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood15161849
OpenAnna BajajRosey's Destiny158121348
OpenMuireann Benn-RothsteinBrown Eyed Girl1700017
OpenKelli AbrahamIma Redford Angel110011
OpenMaggie HigginsDocs Real Sugar Hazard100010
OpenVickie HeydmanMajesty Mark1809
OpenLisa CheneyFire0628
OpenMadeline WagnerCredit to Jessie808
OpenJuliet WrightPRA Deck Chip5005
OpenAnna TalleyA Storm's a Bruin00044
OpenVictoria HeydmanShylo01203


DivRider NameHorse NameMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsTotal Points
≤ 13Charlotte MintoGideon11181645
≤ 13Nora McMahenBoomer11140025
≤ 13Caitlin ClineMoonlight180018
≤ 13Caitlin ClineCooper1700017
≤ 13Katharine GeorgeA Version of Me1717
≤ 13Emily CampbellPebbles15015
≤ 13Zane SampleLil Tuf Rooster5005
14-18Reese McMillanJoe B. Boom1817181770
14-18Haley KennaRex129111345
14-18Alison ZulkoskiKaci Blue12151542
14-18Kaci HudsonSmart Chica Nic0160016
14-18Caoimhe BennGrace1500015
14-18Ellie KillhamGideon10010
19-39Anna BajajRosey's Destiny1815141259
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood17161750
19-39Rebecca AmatGhost13151139
19-39Elizabeth GeorgeA Version of Me1414
19-39Anisa SamhourRoxy909
≥ 40Heather KennaAli165161754
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity8161640
≥ 40Sheryl WestRuby12113026
≥ 40Kristen HudsonMercedes Kenz0180018
≥ 40Robin BrewerPrinceton1700017
≥ 40Kelli AbrahamIma Redford Angel130013
≥ 40Jennifer WalkerDJ9009
≥ 40Joan DoughertySabrina88
≥ 40Suzi BoyleKisses By Candlelight05005
≥ 40Lynette KeeseNiftys Finale4004
≥ 40Cherie PritchardWith a Little Luck33
≥ 40Matt GrosjeanTexan Smokey Bandit22
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood14161646
OpenAnna BajajRosey's Destiny146121042
OpenAlisa GutierrezGlr Hickory Dickory Dox9171440
OpenMuireann Benn-RothsteinBrown Eyed Girl1600016
OpenKelli AbrahamIma Redford Angel130013
OpenRobin BrewerPrinceton1100011
OpenMaggie HigginsDocs Real Sugar Hazard100010
OpenMadeline WagnerCredit to Jessie909
OpenSuzi BoyleKisses By Candlelight06006
OpenAlisha GuardGot Mea Classically66
OpenEmily CampbellPebbles404
OpenCherie PritchardWith a Little Luck44
OpenJuliet WrightPRA Deck Chip4004
OpenLynette KeeseNiftys Finale1001


DivRider NameHorse NameMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsTotal Points
≤ 13Kate TalleyPearlie Girlie614415
≤ 13Anna TalleyA Storm's a Bruin045312
≤ 13Charlotte MintoGideon56011
≤ 13Caitlin ClineMoonlight6006
≤ 13Evelyn ArnoldEyesa Rockstar66
≤ 13Nora McMahenBoomer42006
≤ 13Caitlin ClineCooper50005
≤ 13Charlotte MintoBiscuit55
≤ 13Hannah SheehanMabel303
≤ 13Riley DehnerMidnight Moon3003
≤ 13Emily CampbellPebbles202
14-18Haley KennaRex566522
14-18Alison ZulkoskiKaci Blue55616
14-18Caoimhe BennGrace60006
14-18Ellie KillhamGideon404
19-39Anna BajajRosey's Destiny655622
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood66517
19-39Elizabeth GeorgeA Version of Me44
19-39Ashley GrossRocky33
19-39Holly LawsonLucy22
≥ 40Heather KennaAli545519
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity66618
≥ 40Sheryl WestRuby654015
≥ 40Vickie HeydmanMajesty Mark3003
OpenAnna BajajRosey's Destiny535619
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood66517
OpenAlison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start443314
OpenAlisa GutierrezGlr Hickory Dickory Dox54413
OpenMuireann Benn-RothsteinBrown Eyed Girl60006
OpenCharlotte MintoBiscuit22
OpenMadeline WagnerCredit to Jessie202
OpenVickie HeydmanMajesty Mark2002

Trail / Ranch Riding

DivRider NameHorse NameMay PointsJun PointsJul PointsAug PointsTotal Points
≤ 13Nora McMahenBoomer5120017
≤ 13Charlotte MintoGideon46616
≤ 13Caitlin ClineCooper60006
≤ 13Anna TalleyA Storm's a Bruin00055
≤ 13Caitlin ClineMoonlight5005
≤ 13Emily CampbellPebbles505
≤ 13Hannah SheehanMabel404
14-18Reese McMillanJoe B. Boom612101240
14-18Haley KennaRex5911934
14-18Kaci HudsonSmart Chica Nic09009
14-18Zoe WeiskeColor Me in Style99
14-18Caoimhe BennGrace60006
14-18Ellie KillhamGideon505
19-39Anna BajajBe There in a Prosecco1011101243
19-39Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood11121033
19-39Kayli HanleyPeps Lil San Man1200012
19-39Anisa SamhourRoxy808
≥ 40Heather KennaAli11591035
≥ 40Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity7101229
≥ 40Sheryl WestRuby11111023
≥ 40Kelli AbrahamIma Redford Angel8008
≥ 40Matt GrosjeanTexan Smokey Bandit88
≥ 40Jennifer WalkerDJ6006
≥ 40Joan DoughertySabrina66
≥ 40Kristen HudsonMercedes Kenz06006
≥ 40Juliet WrightPRA Deck Chip4004
≥ 40Lynette KeeseNiftys Finale4004
≥ 40Robin BrewerPrinceton40004
≥ 40Suzi BoyleKisses By Candlelight01001
OpenAnna BajajBe There in a Prosecco127101140
OpenCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood1010929
OpenAlisa GutierrezGlr Hickory Dickory Dox710623
OpenKelli AbrahamIma Redford Angel9009
OpenZoe WeiskeColor Me in Style77
OpenMadeline WagnerCredit to Jessie606
OpenMuireann Benn-RothsteinBrown Eyed Girl50005
OpenSharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity5005
OpenRobin BrewerPrinceton40004

September 26 Show Placings

Rider NameHorse NameRider #Div12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758
Caitlin ClineCooper374≤ 13
Trephina BennJamill379≥ 40
Caoimhe BennGrace38014-18
Muireann Benn-RothsteinBrown Eyed Girl378≤ 13
Sheryl WestRuby388≥ 40
Robin BrewerPrinceton387≥ 40
Nora McMahenBoomer389≤ 13
Kalyssa DayBuckle390Novice
Kristen HudsonMercedes Kenz117≥ 40
Haley KennaRex11814-18332151131
Heather KennaAli203≥ 40111222532
Kaci HudsonSmart Chica Nic11614-18
Katherine PallmanFiona014-18
Kayli HanleyPeps Lil San Man39119-39
Suzi BoyleKisses By Candlelight399≥ 40
Maya MedranoLady blue377≤ 13
Alison ZulkoskiSolo from the Start16014-182112331
Reese McMillanJoe B. Boom15514-18421421
Lisa HarrisBeau's Halo376≥ 40
Kate TalleyPearlie Girlie382≤ 13
Anna TalleyA Storm's a Bruin381≤ 13
Do not use - Vickie HeydmanMajesty Mark383Novice
Victoria HeydmanShylo38414-18
Anna BajajRosey's Destiny6819-3932331223232232
Anna BajajBe There in a Prosecco38619-391311
R. "Taylor" TaylorRosey's Destiny38514-18
Callie KeenJake0≤ 13
Alisa GutierrezGlr Hickory Dickory Dox1140
Lisa CheneyFire798≥ 4012435
Caitlin ClineMoonlight112≤ 13
Alison ZulkoskiKaci Blue16014-182123
Maggie HigginsDocs Real Sugar Hazard39514-18
Zyli SampleDoc Tairs Thyme104≤ 13
Zane SampleLil Tuf Rooster103≤ 13
Kambryn SampleLil Tuf Rooster105≤ 13
Meagan PaulsenSunny396≤ 13
Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood39319-39131121121211112223
Kelli AbrahamIma Redford Angel392≥ 40
Ann JudgePRA Deck Chip398≥ 40
Juliet WrightPRA Deck Chip397≥ 40
Rebecca AmatGhost79919-39223332
Riley DehnerMidnight Moon101≤ 13
Blake DehnerSilver Lining102≤ 13
Charlotte MintoGideon110≤ 13
Vickie HeydmanMajesty Mark156≥ 402463444
Sharyn EspositoA Brief Moment of Insanity394≥ 40322111441
Jennifer WalkerDJ115≥ 40
Lynette KeeseNiftys Finale113≥ 40
Grace DaneSkips Got Charisma014-18
Ellie KillhamGideon12114-18
Jordan MummaReba122≤ 13
Emily CampbellPebbles153≤ 13111211311
Anisa SamhourRoxy12319-39
Madeline WagnerCredit to Jessie131≥ 40
Belinda LitchkoDaisy132≥ 40
Hannah SheehanMabel130≤ 13
Erin SearleCCR Justabout Me133≥ 40
Ashley GrossRocky14819-39
Joan DoughertySabrina150≥ 40343223
Zoe WeiskeColor Me in Style14314-18
Torrie GrosjeanDealing with Fire13719-39
Matt GrosjeanTexan Smokey Bandit138≥ 40
Alisha GuardGot Mea Classically15919-3924
Charlotte MintoBiscuit142≤ 13
Elizabeth GeorgeA Version of Me14519-39
Katharine GeorgeA Version of Me144≤ 13
Evelyn ArnoldEyesa Rockstar146≤ 13
Holly LawsonLucy14719-39
Cherie PritchardWith a Little Luck213≥ 40
Zoe WeiskeCruizer16114-1812424
Zoe WeiskeGot Mea Classically16114-182
Alisha GuardPercy15819-392
Grace DaneHF Spanish Sol15114-181531
Lisa GoodwinShylo154≥ 4011
Lane ThomasLucy0≤ 130
Theresa LondonMondo152≥ 4000
Emily CampbellRoxy124≤ 1311
Denise StewartRoxy153≥ 401401
Tami InskeepApple157≥ 40351
Jennifer WalkerDixie0≥ 40431
Justin JohnsonYeller16319-3913
Cyndi MeredithZoe162≥ 4015

 2021 Summer Buckle Series Times & Standings

Please note that the standings below do not indicate final placings for year-end awards. Final determination of champion, reserve and honorable mention awards will be based on a final audit of results and review of all requirements for awards by the respective show chair.


Year to Date Standings

DivisionRider NameHorse NameJun PointsJul PointsRain PointsAug PointsTotal Points
LeadlineLily BigiSheba358
LeadlineSean BiggiSheba268
LeadlineEvan IngramMomma Hancock66
LeadlineAva HenryGrace55
LeadlineTrinity KnoblesMomma Hancock44
ModifiedMason AmatGhost1417101758
ModifiedKoralyn DaySky17611438
ModifiedKinnley DayBlue55131134
ModifiedNoah AmatGhost9711128
ModifiedPresley GaenssienSapphire134623
ModifiedBrystol MaxwellRoyal31215
ModifiedCourtney NorrisDixie1010
ModifiedHayden BauneRoyal1010
ModifiedBritney MitchellRoyal99
ModifiedZane JacksonTucker55
ModifiedMadelyn DaySapphire22
ModifiedSavanna WakehamMy Fair Lady22
ModifiedKelsey WilliamsGhost11
≤ 10Koralyn DayBlue1323202682
≤ 10Kambrie DayBlue182418060
≤ 10Emily CampbellPebbles102535
≤ 10Genevieve BartonBubbles681832
≤ 10Chloe CarlsonMaggie141428
≤ 10Miranda WakehamZoey591125
≤ 10Jillienne ArmstrongZoey61723
≤ 10Addison GirdnerLavender17118
≤ 10Miranda WakehamMy Fair Lady1616
≤ 10Paige FinkRoyal1111
≤ 10Charlotte MintoGideon1010
≤ 10Zoey FinkRoyal1010
≤ 10Savanna WakehamTucker178
≤ 10Cardyn HolbrookTrinity066
≤ 10Jamie SchaferLucky33
≤ 10Joelle ChapmanGoldie202
≤ 10Remington HenwoodTBD022
11 - 14Danielle DavisLuna2224222997
11 - 14Felicity LuceroColetti1417191565
11 - 14Samantha CampellPunk2011171462
11 - 14Haley KennaRex172111756
11 - 14Jayden SullivanOlympic161935
11 - 14Lexi BabcockTeague3314424
11 - 14Gabriella FiccoDennis99422
11 - 14Evelyn Dow-PetersonJewel1111
11 - 14Bryce KennaPhoenix3710
11 - 14Nora McMahonBoomer1168
11 - 14Eliana HummelGoldie44
11 - 14Jayden SullivanBuckle44
11 - 14Keaton AmatSummer00404
11 - 14Liberty IngramMomma Hancock44
11 - 14Jayden SullivanZahara33
11 - 14Kennedy ContrerasBruce33
11 - 14McKenzie CabayMidnight033
11 - 14McKenzie CabayBuddy22
11 - 14Breckin HenwoodTBD011
11 - 14Keaton AmatOlympic11
11 - 14Tula PetroneTony Bird11
11 - 14Dallin AbrahamSplash
11 - 14Gabriella FiccoDakota
11 - 14Lane AbrahamTrav
15 - 18Kalyssa DayRoper30281830106
15 - 18kennedi SmithSummer2316272389
15 - 18Kennidi SmithOlympic142236
15 - 18Elizabeth NorrisBeau75416
15 - 18Carmen CantrellLegends Son1414
15 - 18Kalyssa DayBella1111
15 - 18Elizabeth NorrisDixie55
15 - 18Samantha SchuttlerU Kidding me CP55
15 - 18Cassidy LidhartSapphire44
15 - 18Kaylee FrancisHarmony
19 - 34Anna BajajAnomaly2730182499
19 - 34Sarah SotoJaxon1722271783
19 - 34Rickie SchaferLittle Joe2828
19 - 34Jacklyn WhiteLinus151227
19 - 34Emily FewCody1919
19 - 34JuliAnn SchaferCharle1818
19 - 34Frankie MacDonaldRosie1515
19 - 34Kenna KelseyShadow44
19 - 34Ally BultmanCandy
19 - 34Molly RamletWillow
≥ 35JoDean BrewerJohnny Cash2218241882
≥ 35JoDean BrewerPaint Mare1920151872
≥ 35Scott KennaMia1410181860
≥ 35Rebecca AmatPugsley12171544
≥ 35Rebecca AmatGhost121151341
≥ 35Julianne RenshawOlympic151025
≥ 35Angela LuceroVinnie91423
≥ 35Lori MerrittDiesel101323
≥ 35Heather KennaAli35715
≥ 35Cindy FewCisco1010
≥ 35Deb StonehamGoldie1010
≥ 35Seth BiggiBueno5510
≥ 35Tammy TaylorBob22
≥ 35Rebecca AmatZahara11
≥ 35Tammy BiggiKhosmo011
≥ 35Forellen BonhamRosie, Super Mini Chex
≥ 35Julianne RenshawBuckle
≥ 35Renate NiemanDusk
JackpotDanielle DavisLuna2225222493
JackpotKalyssa DayRoper2420112479
JackpotAnna BajajAnomaly1916111662
JackpotFelicity LuceroColetti171417755
JackpotRenate NiemanDusk20929
JackpotRebecca AmatPugsley6511
JackpotGabriella FiccoDakota5510
JackpotAngela LuceroVinnie369
JackpotScott KennaMia88
JackpotEmily FewCody66
JackpotCindy FewCisco55
JackpotKaylee FrancisHarmony33
JackpotMolly RamletWillow22

September 18, 2021 show Times

ClassRider NameHorse NamePolesKeyholeFlagsBarrelsWild Card
LeadlineAva HenryGrace41.365
LeadlineCoraevelyn NaranjoRocky50.387
LeadlineCourtney NorrisBeau36.845
LeadlineAma ChapmanMaverick48.531
ModifiedBrystol MaxwellRoyal39.124
ModifiedKinnley DayBlue39.51421.0234.097
ModifiedKoralyn DaySky49.56318.51446.758
ModifiedMadelyn DaySapphire43.54421.338.415
ModifiedMason AmatGhost34.90517.4927.864
ModifiedNoah AmatGhost49.63666.002
ModifiedPresley GaenssienSapphire33.30623.008
ModifiedJackson RemingtonThunder26.84812.69637.66
ModifiedBrooklyn MayersRoyal34.4816.38938.262
Modifiedsophia LinehartRocky Road27.41117.18825.822
10 & UnderAma ChapmanTucker23.22743.452.56564.05
10 & UnderCardyn HolbrookTrinity85.59818.05646.829
10 & UnderCharlotte MintoGideon40.56510.60625.41
10 & UnderEmily CampbellPebbles12.03324.273
10 & UnderGenevieve BartonBubbles52.74413.62517.22230.86139.844
10 & UnderJillienne ArmstrongZoey38.13912.18223.94629.444
10 & UnderJoelle ChapmanMaverick154.036185.80735.34688.07179.176
10 & UnderKambrie DayBlue40.7169.5029.02123.67625.411
10 & UnderKoralyn DayBlue43.4911.08927.25430.186
10 & UnderNorah ParsonsEstis102.3525.28236.49163.58598.349
10 & UnderRemington HenwoodTBD81.23628.452
10 & UnderIsaiah HenryGrace19.692
10 & UnderAddison GirdnerSpirit52.70116.33333.99645.944
10 & UnderChloe CarlsonGoldie9.052
10 & UnderJenna RemingtonThunder38.6729.07712.425.17729.981
11-14Lexi BabcockTeague35.00719.7599.27624.40226.793
11-14McKenzie CabayBuddy40.79814.47131.23639.691
11-14Samantha CampellPunk28.1427.9911.00417.09822.667
11-14Tula PetroneBruce11.96525.161
11-14Eliana HummelMiracle35.48912.4123.192
11-14Summer WalkerGinger52.00818.91412.44331.798
11-14Gabriella FiccoTy14.0878.11620.643
11-14Summer WalkerBig Mama36.48511.551
11-14Taylor WilliamsDallas29.7358.51619.743
11-14Sienna BrettcherRein26.487
11-14Addison MayersRoyal
11-14Hannah SheehanVinny55.63210.16
15-18Elizabeth NorrisBeau
15-18Elizabeth NorrisDixie36.3349.09818.593
15-18Kalyssa DayRoper30.0377.53416.1323.187
15-18kennedi SmithSummer41.75510.31821.31624.854
15-18Cole DennisTater28.8528.41213.80819.84942.669
19-34Anna BajajAnomaly30.9627.1657.12117.80119.245
19-34Molly RamletWillow33.53812.75821.743
19-34Sarah SotoJaxon40.5810.88511.57627.70534.422
19-34Haley KlineRein31.227.80517.213
19-34Mariah NiemanAstrea
19-34Ana BajajRosy's Destiny26.5848.1698.42118.0825.085
19-34Haley KlineRein
19-34Mariah NiemanMissy33.81711.49622.68552.212
19-34Jacklyn WhiteTreble
19-34Cassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood24.0587.12417.973
19-34Mariah NiemanBig Mama13.9125.13246.788
35 & OverDeb StonehamGoldie30.0378.15818.42629.05
35 & OverDeb StonehamSassy76.47323.64117.14731.9538.307
35 & OverDenise StewartRoxy54.03114.8725.67737.42654.563
35 & OverHeather KennaAli98.1897.269.67121.01119.977
35 & OverJoDean BrewerJohnny Cash27.4797.2158.49517.34820.924
35 & OverJoDean BrewerPaint Mare8.467.95518.06921.091
35 & OverJulianne RenshawOlympic26.78317.6523.501
35 & OverRebecca AmatGhost27.4739.89318.60921.816
35 & OverRebecca AmatPugsley29.4258.24611.18218.14728.195
35 & OverRenate NiemanCinnamon43.21811.66813.82827.2134.49
35 & OverScott KennaMia26.5497.7339.68920.23219.817
35 & OverKama PetroneTony Bird
35 & OverKristi HobenGideon35.46412.41320.21229.526
35 & OverDeb DennisTobey32.7029.9116.1823.52135.034
JackpotAnna BajajAnomaly30.8667.1077.73417.71119.666
JackpotDanielle DavisLuna29.4788.9397.19816.83719.311
JackpotFelicity LuceroColetti24.49617.545
JackpotKalyssa DayRoper30.0377.53416.1323.187
JackpotKaylee FrancisHarmony7.9318.797
JackpotRebecca AmatPugsley29.4258.24618.147
JackpotRenate NiemanDusk6.8026.94517.49822.911
JackpotFelicity LuceroVinny7.2518.74928.646
JackpotKarsyn JohnsonMillie17.476
JackpotKarsyn JohnsonSlick29.528
JackpotKarsyn JohnsonKatie6.846
JackpotAna BajajRosy's Destiny22.35
JackpotGabriella FiccoTy26.44617.212
JackpotCassidy EspositoRDS Robinhood24.058