NEW for 2022/2023 – Winter Series Gymkhana Shows!

We are going to keep the fun rolling right through the ugly winter months with a super-fun winter indoor gymkhana series!! Our friends at Gilchrist Arena are allowing us to ride at their incredible, new, heated, indoor arena!!!

PDF Forms:  Gymkhana Release Form, COVID Release Form

Pre-Register Online

Age Group  and Jackpot Classes Can Register Online! CLICK HERE (Google form opens in a new tab)

2022/2023 Dates:

Winter Series Gymkhana Shows will be held on Saturdays.

  1. November 12
  2. December 10
  3. January 14
  4. February 11
  5. March 11
  6. April  08 (Rain Date)

Show Info:

Office Open:   8:00 am

Show Start:    9:00 am

Age Groups:

Entry Fee $12.00 per class. There is a $10 per household or per individual (waived if pre-registered)

Max out fee $200 for participants and their children (jackpot fees not included).


Entry Fee $15.00 per class (cash only, not included toward daily max out fee.

No family max out for Jackpot.


  1. Polebending
  2. Keyhole
  3. Flags
  4. Barrels
  5. 75 Up & Back

leadline classes are also offered.

Age Divisions (as of 11/1/2022):

  • Leadline
  • Novice Jr (18 yrs & Under)*
  • Novice Sr (19 yrs & Over)*
  • Junior Jockeys (10 yrs & Under)*
  • 13 yrs & Under
  • 14 yrs – 18 yrs
  • 19 yrs – 39 yrs
  • 40 yrs & Over
  • Jackpot

* Time restrictions apply for Novice and Junior Jockeys classes


*Junior Jockey and Novice classes:

  • Cannot cross-enter into Jackpot or age division classes on the same horse.
  • Different horse/rider combinations are allowed. (ex. 1 horse for novice, another horse for age group, and another for jackpot).
  • Time restrictions apply to Junior Jockey and Novice Classes*.

*Daily High Point: Champion and Reserve awards for each division.


  • Points will be calculated by RIDER only.   (Rider can earn daily high point on more than 1 horse).
  • If rider is competing on more than 1 horse, points for the end of the series will be calculated based on horse that receives the highest daily point in a particular division.  (Novice classes will get points for novice class, age group will get points for age group. If 2 horses in novice/age group/jackpot for the day, highest points will be awarded for end of series.)
  • Divisions are Junior Jockeys, Novice, Age Group, and Jackpot
  • Highest points win, no dropped shows.


  • Jackpot Entry Fees are cash only, not included in the daily max out
  • Times for Jackpot and Age group will be rolled unless declared prior to show start.
  • Professional Riders cannot enter the age group division and must compete in Jackpot classes.

*Class Fees:

  • Novice/Age Group Classes $12 per class/ $60 per day, payments can be made for these classes by cash, check, or Paypal at the show.  All fees must be paid prior to the show. Scratched classes will only be refunded if done prior to that class start.
  • $200 per household max out (does not apply to Jackpot)
  • Jackpot Classes are $15 per event (cash only)
*Office Fees:
  • $10 per household or per individual (waived if pre-registered)
  • Helmets are required for anyone under the age of 18.  All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet.
  • Heeled boots are required for all participants.
  • Tack for horses should be Western tack (horses must have a pad, saddle, and bridle/halter for Leadline).
  • Whips/Crops are permitted (Show chairs reserve the right to determine excessive use, which can be cause for DQ).
*Show chairs have the right to reclassify any competitor depending on performance (time restriction), and make any and all necessary changes to ensure fair competition. All show chair decisions are FINAL.
  • If a participant is moved up from Junior Jockey/ Novice classes (too fast to compete in that division)  to Age Group, points will be awarded based on time placing in the age group division.


Gilchrist Arena

1393 CR 166, Parker, CO 80138