Volunteer at a PTR Event!

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to participate in our club!

PTR could not operate its events without volunteers. We have volunteer positions available at most all of our events. You do not have to be a competitor or even a member of PTR to volunteer! We welcome anyone who wishes to help regardless of experience with horses.

If you’d like to volunteer, come to one of our events and check in at the office or find a board member. We can find you a position and you can sign in prior to working at the event so you can get credit for your hours.

To Sign Up online to volunteer Click Here.

To Enter Your Volunteer Hours Click Here. Hours need to be put in BY DATE. DO NOT put them all under one date. Thanks so much for your help!

To view year to date volunteer hour totals CLICK HERE.

Guidelines for Volunteering

  1. Quantities of volunteer hours needed for year-end awards are: Eight hours must be worked between October 1 and September 30 for each award being pursued. This time period is followed unless we activate the rain date, in which case the time period will be extended to the day following the rain date.
  2. Expectation of pre-notification for allocation of volunteer hours toward another party must be followed. This must be noted before the hours are worked and cannot be reassigned at a later time or date.
  3. Hours will be tracked by the Recording Secretary. Volunteers will be required to sign in and sign out at each show, and the Show Chair will sign off.
  4. Trail Boss will earn a maximum of four hours per ride, which will include the following requirements: pre-ride, official club ride, organize and manage (including collection of fees and waivers).
  5. Volunteers can earn up to four hours per event. However, if there are not enough volunteers for the event, this may be waived by the Show Chair, who will make note and sign their form accordingly.

Rose-Taylor Program

Because of the importance of our volunteer contributions, we have a long-standing program to recognize our volunteers. The Rose-Taylor Program, named for two of our founding members, is meant to provide an opportunity to thank our volunteers at the end of the year banquet. Based on participation and available funds, we present a junior and an adult Rose-Taylor Awards and other members are honored with awards as well. Find out how you can be involved!


Students who would like to have PTR Volunteer Hours apply for school, college applications, and extracurricular activities in accordance with external requirements should discuss their specifics with the President.