OCTOBER 12th, 2019

A special THANK YOU to our sponsors!

***You can still nominate someone to be a recipient of the Ta Ta Fund!***

2019 Recipient Nomination Form PDF CLICK HERE!




1Cassidy Esposito23.355
2Shannon McInis23.659
3JoDean Brewer24.565
4Lea Anne Russell26.373
5Mariah Nieman26.57
6Haley Kenna**26.856
7Ally Bultman27.534
8Amanda Meier27.828
9Kylie Willstatter28.019
10Felicity Lucero**29.952
11Jacy Lantz30.098
12Renate Nieman30.389
13Maggie Dickinson30.802
14Nicole Knutson31.375
15Madeleine Damiani**31.402
16Tiffany Bending31.684
17Shiloh May33.449
18Lea Coffman33.821
19Starr baxter34.373
20Ria Simonds34.86
21Alexis DiGrigoli35.084
22Tammy Biggi38.544
23Carry Yetter44.709
24Evelyn Nielsen-Mayer**44.915
25Bobbie Foote52.235
26Jacklyn Whiten/t


  1D 2D 3D 4D
Alexis DiGrigoli32.354
Ally Bultman21.30121.301
Amanda Meier22.90522.905
Bobbi Footescratchscratch
Brianna Myers22.44322.443
Evelyn Nielsen-Mayer**30.55430.554
Felicity Lucero**20.4720.47
Hailey Freeman
Haley Kenna**19.39919.399
Jackly White-Lucy19.01219.012
Jacklyn White-Lady Blue26.75426.754
Jacy Lantz25.26225.262
JoDean Brewer-Beau18.28318.283
JoDean Brewer-Johnny Cash18.31818.318
Kylie Willstatter19.89519.895
Lea Anne Russellscratchscratch
Lea Coffman22.36222.362
Mackenzie Ogard18.59218.592
Maddie stoermer
Madeleine Damiani**23.99723.997
Maggie Dickinson21.39421.394
Mariah Nieman17.92717.927
Nicole Knutson23.0423.04
Renate Nieman18.91918.919
Ria Simonds27.09427.094
Sandra Clayton
Seth Biggi23.81823.818
Shannon McInis17.74217.742
Shiloh May23.34323.343
Starr baxter20.82120.821
Tammy Biggi26.93426.934
Tiffany Bending24.08624.086
Nicole Knutson19.95419.954

About Trot For TA TAs

The Annual PTR Trot for TA TAs Buckle Event is open to all ages, horses and rider ability and non-riding family and friends as well! Get yourself and your pony dressed up in pink and help us continue to raise money for our local ladies and men fighting and recovering from cancer. 100% of the proceeds from the event help them feed their animals, keep their lights on and anything else they may need during this time. This fun, energizing event provides BUCKLES, ribbons and prizes including best dressed pink outfits!


In 2015 Sandy Clayton, a PTR Member and a Breast Cancer Survivor, opened her family ranch and obstacle course to us and the Trot For TA TAs Obstacle Challenge Event began.  In a very short time, we were at full capacity with 80 riders and many more spectators, judges, and volunteers.  We had wonderful donations of prizes, donation of Silent Auctions Items from the public and lots of hard work from the entire PTR Board to pull it off!

2016 was our 2nd year and the buzz was back! PTR took it to 89 Riders with 30 on the waitlist!  Sold out again.  Recipients from the prior year came to share their stories of how much our funds helped them buy food, help their animals and keep their business running until they were back on their feet, and right then we all knew we knew were we helping out our community in a big way.  We continue to fund recipients today as their needs are brought to our attention and we hope to continue to do so with this event.  In 2017, we moved our event to Casey Jones Park, supported by the Silver J Ranch, and we had more than 100 riders participate in a full day of trail, equestrian games, and barrel racing.  In 2018, we moved to an indoor venue, thanks to a sponsorship from Messer Event Center, and had even more trail obstacles and a full 4D barrel racing event.

2019 will be our 5th annual Trot for TA TAs and we are hoping to continue this great tradition of providing a fun event while raising money for locals in need.


Salisbury Equestrian Park

11920 N Motsenbocker Rd., Parker, CO 80134

Venue Usage Map