Requirements for Year-End Awards


PTR offers year-end awards in each age group and open for the top 2 point earners (and sometimes honorable mention) for the various disciplines in our summer buckle series. In addition to earning these points for showing and placing in classes, there are club participation requirements to qualify to receive a year-end award.

This page is intended to describe these requirements for qualification to receive a year-end award. Below is a summary of the requirements that must be satisfied during our show year which begins October 1st and ends September 30th of the next calendar year. Detailed descriptions of the requirements are included lower on this page.

In order to qualify for a year-end award, you must:

  • Be a member of PTR in good standing – Do this first!!!
  • Participate in at least 4 of the 6 shows in your discipline
  • Complete the required volunteer hours for each of your awards

This page is intended for informational purposes and is worded as such. For the official rules of PTR and detailed information about shows, awards, requirements or other aspects of the club, please see our operations manual or By-Laws. There is a link to both documents on the Rules and By-Laws page.


In order for volunteer hours or show participation to count towards requirements for a year-end award, the competitor must be a member in good standing FIRST.

To be clear: If you have not filled out a correct, signed application and paid your dues prior to working volunteer hours or exhibiting in a show, THEY WON’T COUNT!

We offer PTR memberships for individuals (18 years and older) and families (parents/legal guardians and their children living in the same household). Our memberships are good for one year and are reasonably priced.

Join right now! Click here for our membership page.

Participate in 4 Shows

Each exhibitor competing for a year-end award must participate in the discipline that they wish to qualify for, in a minimum of 3 of the 5 shows over the course of the summer buckle series season. Since points are cumulative and 5 of 6 shows can count, our top point earners typically participate in at least 5 shows. Below is a list of the disciplines that we offer a year-end award for and what constitutes a completed show.

Pleasure Show

  • English Pleasure – Participate in all 3 English age group or open classes
  • Western Pleasure – Participate in all 3 western age group or open classes

Gymkhana Show

  • Participate in 3 out of 5 events for age group or open/pro

Participation in age group classes do not count for open or vice-versa. Participation in novice, leadline, modified, training tack or warm-up classes dot not count for age group or open.

Complete the Volunteer Hours

When Can You Earn Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours for our summer buckle series can be accrued during the current competition series. (April 1st – October 31st and November 1st-March 31st). The only exception to this time period is if we have to use our “rain date” in early October to make up a show that was cancelled earlier in the season. Volunteer hours worked at a make-up “rain date” show in early October will count for that summer’s year-end awards. 

Where Can You Earn Volunteer Hours

Parker Trail Riders needs volunteers at all of its events. Examples are: Gymkhana shows, Pleasure shows, Year-End Awards Banquet, riders and walkers at the parades we participate in, spook-proof clinics and trail ride pre-rides. Other opportunities are available during the year as well.

Important: We will have a volunteer sign-up sheet at these events. You need to sign in with a start time and sign out when you have finished volunteering. The board member who is organizing the event will be able to direct you to or provide you with the sign-up sheet that day. Click Here for a link to log your participation online.


Another option is to volunteer to serve as a member of the Parker Trail Riders board! Board members, by virtue of the behind-the-scenes work they have to do, are exempt from volunteer requirements for their year-end awards. All board positions are one year terms and become open at the end of the PTR year. Nominations for prospective board members are due in October with elections in November.

How Many Volunteer Hours Do You Need?

New for 2023 – There are 8 Volunteer hours required per series with 4 of those hours happening at the shows! Family Memberships require 20 total/shared hours.

In order to qualify for a year-end award, you must have accrued the required number of volunteer hours for that award. The hours requirements are the same for Champion, Reserve or Honorable Mention awards.

We maintain an online spreadsheet and downloadable PDF of the current volunteer hour records for the year on our Volunteer Hours page.